Through our long history with freelance business professionals in Japan, we have developed the best HR database to scale your business. 


Through our partnerships, we have developed a wide network of corporations and startups in Japan, as well as across the world.


From communication assistance, digital marketing service to strategy development/execution, we can provide an effective customised support for the unique needs of startups based on our in-depth experience and a diverse team of professionals.



Just like the rest of the world, Japan is keen to create new business development opportunities and welcome innovative ideas to solve complex social issues. To capture such new opportunities, Japanese corporations are establishing corporate venture capitals and accelerator programs–creating a friendlier environment for helping startups to collaborate with big players in the market.

They are looking for inter-business linkage both inside and outside of Japan to develop new business. Accelerated by such trend, ecosystem for startups in Japan is becoming more and more mature everyday–creating a more business and innovation friendly market. Japan, with its population of 130 million and the world’s 3rd biggest economy, is an interesting market for internationals to enter –and today the timing is right.

For many years, Japanese market has been criticised as being “too difficult” for internationals to get into due to the language and cultural barriers. Unfortunately, despite the market’s readiness to welcome international new comers, such difficulty at the entry level still remains. iCubes, as a business management consultant firm, has nearly two decades of experience in new business development projects with Japanese corporations, organisations and political sectors.

We provide these networks and know-how for your Japanese market entry to ensure your successful landing.

Takahiko Kikuchi


Asian Market Entry provides a comprehensive market entry service for international businesses to launch successfully their product/service in Japan and other Asian regions. We have provided business consultation services in Japan for nearly two decades. 

At our firm, all of our consultants are established professionals and come from various business backgrounds, which creates a great business network and market knowledge for internationals to enter into the highly unique Japanese market and other Asian markets. We provide support from a pre-stage of “just thinking about expanding business to Asia” to after-stage of “I already have a local team but….” 

For many non-Asian companies, understanding Asian market is a challenge. To minimize such cultural barrier, we have partnered with a Swiss business consulting firm with an office in Japan, IT&IP Strategy Advisory Group (; through this tie-up, such culture difference will not stand in your way to achieve your plan— a Successful Business launch in Asia.


Japanese Market Entry

With our expertise in new business development and professional human resource database, we provide what is exactly needed for a successful Japanese market entry.

One-Stop Service

Based on our business consultation experience and networks in Japan, we support all steps: from a very early planning stage of Japanese/Asian market entry to a mature stage of after-launching business strategy/operation planning and execution.

Japan outbound services

Through the know-how and networks of IT&IP Strategy Advisory Group, we support Japanese companies to enter into international markets, as well as the domestic tourism sector to attract successfully international tourists from overseas.



“We are very delighted that iCubes have been assisting us with their professional services by connecting with a perfect partner to enter the Japanese market. Totally recommended!” – Irzan Raditya , CEO



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