Cryptocurrency : Rise of a new economy



By : Kie Tsukamoto

iCubes Inc, a consulting firm in Tokyo that operates AME, organizes a monthly seminar for our freelance business consultants so that they can build stronger business networks and strengthen their business knowledge.

For our February 2018 seminar, we invited Ryuichi Abe, a cryptocurrency specialist, as a panelist. Having Ryuichi at the seminar, we discussed the basic system of cryptocurrency and emerging markets around this new technology.

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Where “Money” Comes from


At the panel discussion with the theme of what new economic sphere arises from cryptocurrency?, we discussed the history of how the concept of money is invented and also imagined what differences will occur between new and current economic spheres.     

Through this discussion, Ryuichi made some very notable points that cannot be missed:

  1. Always time travel: what was the origin of “Money” as a concept when it was invented. Going back to the original core nature of “Money” brings us to develop a far deeper understanding about the future.   
  2. Ignore what “they” think about cryptocurrency : push yourself to develop your own original thoughts about the technology. What do you think this new technology can realize in this world?

Through these points, the participating business consultants discussed a new economic sphere that might arise (or might have already arisen) from this new technology of cryptocurrency.

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Does privatization of cryptocurrency happen?

“Considering the technological trend, what field of business do you think has the biggest growth opportunity?”
“Do YOU think the traditional money (legal tender) will eventually vanish?”

During the panel discussion, several interesting questions were thrown toward Ryuichi. A heated discussion then ensued at the dinner table.

The business consultants who attended this seminar, all of whom come from different areas of expertise, were given the opportunity to come together to discuss whether the “privatization of money” could possible occur in the same way as the information revolution, that happened in the recent past.

At iCubes, we believe that a true professional business consultant is someone who is always keen to think and absorb flexibly beyond the boundaries of their professional field.  Therefore, regardless of business backgrounds, iCubes provides our freelance business consultants a time to learn about and touch new technology, schemes, trends, business models and schools of thoughts, etc…

What is coming up next month?

In March, we will welcome HiveLab ( and organizes a mini-workshop of Service Design Sprint.

Profile of Ryuichi Abe
– Born in Saitama, Japan in 1983
– Appointed as the youngest board member at an Investment Advisory Company in 2007. After departing from the company, he has become a serial developer of new businesses.   
– He has founded Peace Coin Foundation ( in 2017 and has been developing a new cryptocurrency.

Source : PB Journal